On this site, I present material related to my scientific articles. In the fields below, you will find documents presenting the material used in my articles.

Article IV. Mechanisms behind Diffusion of Democracy in the Pearl River Delta Region
The prime material used in this study, consists of information from 18  interview sessions involving 20 respondents as well as some field work notes. Eight Hong Kong based labour NGOs and five Guangdong based labour NGOs are covered in the study.  Due to the confidentiality of the respondents, I cannot provide the transcribed interview material and the field notes on this webpage. However anonymized versions of the material can be provided to readers qualified to not misuse the information on demand . If you are interested in accessing these documents, please contact me gusundqv@abo.fi. Information on the coding of the organizations are provided in the documents below:

Article III. Diffusion of Democracy in China’s Geographical Regions
The prime material in this study consists of weibo messegas posted by 49 labour NGOs in Mainland China 2013–2014. The data sheet provides information on the coding of these organizations. The full material will be provided on demand to readers qualified to not misuse the information.

Article II. Loyal Dissent
This article is written by me and Professor Johan Lagerkvist and was published in Studies in Media and Communication, vol. 1, nr. 1, 2013, s. 140-149. You can access it from the following link: http://redfame.com/journal/index.php/smc/article/view/121.

Article I. Marxism Still Matters
The material of this study consists of articles selected from the Peoples’ Daily, the CCP’s most authoritative newspaper. Below, "Marxism Still Matters – Quotations" contains the original Chinese language versions of the quotations used in the article. Due to copyright reasons, I am not able to present all People’s Daily articles used in the study at this webpage. However, if you are interested in the articles, feel free to contact me and I will send you the material (sundqvist.gustav@gmail.com). The article was published in Studia Orientalia Electronica, vol 4, 2016, s 89-107, 2016. You can access it from the following link: http://ojs.tsv.fi/index.php/StOrE/article/view/51455